CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2024

By | January 15, 2024

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2024 cbse sample paper 2024 class 10 sample question paper 2024 cbse sample paper class 12 class 10 science marking scheme marking scheme maths class 10 sample paper class 12 2024 class 10 Hindi marking scheme cbse sample papers 2024

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2024

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2023
CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Marking Scheme 2024

Downloaded here in PDF – Class 10 Sample Papers

Social Science
The CBSE has added a new reading section to the paper this time. 3 questions of 4 points will be asked. By last year, a 6-digit map-based question was asked from the subject of history and geography. But this year, the question will be of 5 points. It has a history of 2 points and 3 points from geography. The total number of questions in the question paper has been reduced from 35 to 32.

science : CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper
Till the last session (2022-23), 14 questions of one digit were asked. Now, 20 questions of one digit will be asked from this session (2022-23). The CBSE has also added a short impact section this time, under which 6 questions of two points will come. The number of five-digit questions has been reduced from 6 to 3.

Hindi : CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper
Till last year (2019-20), the Hindi paper consisted of four sections A, B, C and D. In which each section had to write a reply between 15-150 words according to the marks. In this session (2020-21), the paper will have only two sections – A and B. A total of 9 objective i.e. objective and section B will be asked in a total of 8 descriptive i.e.

This time the paper is divided into two parts. Questions of 40 points will be asked in both the parts. In the first part, literature, readings and grammar are kept in the second part of writing and literature. That is, there will be two sections of literature in this session. One has to answer questions by reading the extract. In the second, questions based on text books will be asked.

This time a new section has been added to both levels of mathematics-basic and standard. 4 case study based questions will be asked. In 20 questions with one digit till last year (2019-2020), internal keys were given only in two questions. But this time (2022-2023) in 16 questions of one digit, 5 questions will be given internal keys. This time the test will ask for a long answer type of 5 points.

All CBSE schools remained closed for 10 months due to the period of the period. In this link, cbse has released sample papers of Class X sometime back. The CBSE has made some significant changes in the pattern of board examination from 4th May to 10th June due to conditions arising out of the Kovid-19 epidemic. The CBSE officials said that now the examination is less than three months. Students should make better preparations keeping these changes in mind. Here is a detailed information on these changes in the subject of social science, science (science), mathematics, English (English) and Hindi. Can be very helpful for students. The teacher can also be traced to the concerned school in this regard.

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