rajpsp.nic.in RTE Rajasthan Admission 2024 Apply Online Form

By | December 10, 2023

rajpsp.nic.in RTE Rajasthan Admission 2024 Apply Online Form Download RTE Rajasthan Admission Form PDF from www.rajpsp.nic.in Students can apply from Private School Portal RTE Rules In Hindi apply till last date only from admission portal.

rajpsp.nic.in RTE Rajasthan Admission 2024 – Click Here

Login to the Official Website RTE Rajasthanwww.rajpsp.nic.in to Apply Online for RTE Admission 2024. RTE 25 Admission Form Accepted before Lottery Process will be valid. Those RTE Online Application Form 2024 Received after Declaration of RTE Lottery Result 2024 will not be Accepted

rajpsp.nic.in RTE Rajasthan Admission 2024 Apply Online Form
rajpsp.nic.in RTE Rajasthan Admission 2024 Apply Online Form
  1. Private School Web Portal (www.rte.raj.nic.in) run by Department of Education has sought information on school profile, infrastructure, fees, staff and student details from private schools, which are required by the department. Out of this statement, the details of the students will be sent to the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi.
  1. State-run private schools 0 “The Non-Governmental Educational Institutions Act, 1989 and Rajasthan are governed under the Non-Governmental Educational Institutions Rules, 1993 and amended Rules, 2011.00 “। For schools run under the said Act and rules, it is obligate (Mandatory) to provide information on schools and students by the Department of Education. The time limit for online entry of these information on the web portal has been extended to 31.01.2017. Therefore, ensure that the information is made available in time.

Private schools which have already registered on this PSP portal for recharge or online recognition of fees of children admitted free of cost under RTE are not to be re-registered. This vidyalaya should login with the already available login ID (PSP code) and password. When you forget the password, the new password generating feature is available on the Login page on the portal. Parents who are permanent residents of Rajasthan and comes under weaker section can apply for Free Private School Admission for their children

Schools which do not have dice code are given in the school side for registration. “Navin Registration0 You can get the Login ID and password by link. For this, they have to first enter basic information related to the vidyalaya. Thereafter, the format available on the portal will have to be printed on the letterhead of the vidyalaya as soon as possible and upload the scanned copy of the letter by placing the signature of the institution head and stamp of the vidyalaya. The list of such schools will immediately appear in the login of the concerned district education officer. The district education officers will verify the information of these schools at their level. After verification, login of such schools is done by the ID. (PSP code) and password, the mobile number provided by them is available by the S.M.S. will be sent by email. Dise codes are also being allotted to schools, schools should get DISE code from the concerned office by filling the D.C.F.

Pre-registered and new registered schools will have to fill up the school related information (which is available by the link provided in the draft side) first after the first login. Entries relating to boys and girls can be made only after filling up the school related information (school address, infrastructure, fees and staff).

Print and fill these given formats before doing school login and then login and enter online. There is also a facility of uploading Excel in addition to online entry for entries related to boys and girls. After login, you will receive an Excel template in which data can be saved by alter and uploaded and verified online.

Leave the column blank if the students’ details do not have final annual exam marks or the facility to convert the grade to percentage.

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